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Help us help the children in need. Belleza Jewelry is honored and humbled to work with such a wonderful foundation, Feeding The Orphans.

Feeding The Orphans supports christian action in the mission field by working in partnership with existing Christian ministries. Where specific needs are not met, Feeding The Orphans becomes the driving force to meet those needs.

We feel it was a must to try and do our part. We can not do this alone and we are asking you, our customers to join us in our cause. Its as easy as purchasing their amazing items. We will be donating the proceeds to Feeding The Orphans. Thank you all in advance.

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A truly an amazing piece that you will find no where else. The Golden Honey bracelet features an all hand built Belleza clay bead, textured, painted, stained and gilted with real gold flakes and glossed. Because of the curve on this bead and the seed beads behind the clay bead it will lay completely flat on any wrist. This bracelet also features porcelain honey blue beads, iridescent seed beads in bronzes and deep blue.

ON SALE NOW: $32.00