Cleaning Instructions

Care for your Silver jewelry by storing it in a clean and dry environment, separate from other jewelery to help minimize surface scratches.

We advise that you keep your jewelery away from all chemical products such as; chlorine, perfumes, moisturizers and hair products. Over time Silver will potentially wear.

Silver is available in many finishes with a range of surface patterns, they can take a little more knowledge when cleaning so as not to damage your jewelry.

We advise against cleaning Oxidized Silver with Silver cleaning products as it could potentially damage the dusky colour.

The surface oxidization will wear naturally against skin, but should always be darker in colour when compared to plain Silver, this will only apply to metal that has not been stripped of its colour by cleaning or exposure to chemicals.

Brushed, matte and textured silver can be cleaned using lukewarm soapy water and gently rubbing with a soft toothbrush.

Plain polished Silver can be cleaned with Silver polishing cloths to restore luster.